New Home Decor

We started this summer’s renovation project by redoing our living room and ‘den’ area. I wanted them to be considered more like one room and I wanted to rid the walls of some clutter and switch from a ‘country’ type decor to something a little more clean.

We painted the walls two colors. The top 1/3 of the wall is a beige and the bottom 2/3 is white and we put a chair rail up in between the colors. We redid our hardwood floor in our living room, put new wood on the step and put new tile around our wood-burning stove. My husband is in the process of building an entertainment center and when it is complete I will post pictures.

Because of all this I needed some new decor. I started by having our pictures made as a family. After I got the proofs back, I picked my favorites and arranged them on one of my walls. I love how it turned out (sorry this picture isn’t the best).

I still had a few favorites that didn’t make my photo gallery so I put these pictures on a different wall. I bought 12×12 canvases and had these pictures printed at a local print store. Then I just used modgepodge and glued them on the canvas. For the saying, I painted a board gray and applied white vinyl that I cut out.

I wanted a place to display some items, so on one of the walls instead of putting up a chair rail, my husband built a shelf that runs from the window frame to the corner. I made this number art to put there. I found an old frame and spray painted it white. Then I found a picture mat that we weren’t using and sprayed it blue. I printed out this vinyl of important dates in our family and applied it to some gray cardstock. An instant decoration that has meaning.

I wanted to incorporate the ever popular chevron stripes some how into our new rooms. I had this old frame so again I got out my trusty spray paint and painted the frame and board white. Then I took my ruler and drew a vertical line at the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 mark. To make the stripes I made a mark on the middle line and then went down two inches and marked on the 1/4 and 3/4 line. Then I connected those dots with diagonal lines. I did this for the entire board. I took painter’s tape and covered every other section and then I spray painted it blue. After it was dry, I removed the tape and sand it a little to give it a weathered look. Then I applied this vinyl in gray. I love how it turned out.

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, I wanted to put up a little pink and red. I found this charger plate at a local craft store for $2. I cut out some pink vinyl and applied it. I would like to display it on top of our entertainment center (so hopefully it is done by Feb. 14 : )

This is the area behind my wood-burning stove. I found a big frame on clearance and spray painted it blue. Then I hung this heart wreath that I made using pink felt and following this tutorial.

I made the side wall hangings by buying two 8×10 canvases. I sprayed them blue and cut 24 hearts out of scrapbooking paper. Then I modgepodged them on and hung them up.

I have a few more decorations to finish and I will post those pictures when they are completed.

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Valentine’s Day Pillow

My first tutorial will hopefully help you get in the Valentine’s Day mood and provide a little red to your home decor.  We will be making a pillow cover.

I made my pillow to cover a 12×12 pillow form.  I gathered my fabric (of course, you can use any color).  I chose solid red for my cover and a beige and red with white hearts for accent colors.  I cut the solid red into three pieces:

  • 1- 13×13 inch piece (or one inch larger than your pillow form)
  • 2- 9×13 inch pieces for the back cover

Then I went to my computer and found a font I liked for the letters.  I printed them out to use for a template.

I got out my Heat n Bond (I use the sew-able kind, but if you don’t want to sew over the letters, you can use the nonsew-able kind).  I put my printed letters up against the window and backwards, then I trace over the letters.  For this pillow, I traced the letters once at regular size and then did them again just a little smaller.

Next, cut the letters apart and iron them onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Cut out the letters and peel off the backing.  I laid the beige color down on the 13×13 square and ironed them down.  Then I laid down the red with hearts and ironed them down.  I then went to my sewing machine and used a straight stitch and sewed just inside each of the red letters, giving them an outline.

I took my two 9×13 pieces and on one of the 13 inch sides I folded the edge over about 1/4 inch and ironed.  Then I folded over again 1/4 inch and ironed (making a nice finished edge).  I did this to both pieces and then sewed down that hem.

Next, I was ready to sew it all together.  I laid my 13×13 square on the table face up.  I laid the 9×13 pieces on top (face down) and pinned.  Then I just sewed a big square connecting them all together.  The two 9×13 pieces will overlap.  Clip the corners when you are done.

Turn the cover inside out and poke out the corners.  Fit it over your pillow form and display!

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Etsy Store

I have set up an etsy store and hope to stock it with items.  I am sure this will be a gradual process.  You can check out my first item at  Thanks.

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A New Year, A New Blog

I decided I would try out the blog world again, this time detailing some of my sewing and crafting.  I hope to provide tutorials for some items and also highlight some new sewing creations.

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